Nehalem Bay

Fire & Rescue

District Information

Nehalem Bay Fire & Rescue District covers 26 square miles and operates two fire stations.

The Main Station is located at 36375 Hwy 101, Nehalem, and a substation at 37115 Hwy 53, Nehalem, OR 97131.

The District is staffed by a paid Chief, Division Chief/Training Officer, Captain, Lieutenant, Exec. Assistant/AEMT, and 30 volunteer responders.

In 2022 the District responded to 909 calls.

The District trains its firefighters in fire suppression, motor vehicle crash extrication, high angle rope rescue, water rescue, medical response and hazardous materials response at operational level.

The District is a municipal form of government that has an elected five member Board of Directors. The Fire Chief receives authority from the Board of Directors and is responsible for managing staff and District operations.

The District’s Tax Rate is $1.15 per $1,000 Assessed Valuation.

Today's Fire Danger

Burn restrictions in effect

On September 23, 2023, Tillamook County will lift its burn ban in effect since July 15, 2023.  All burning, including recreational fires, requires a permit.  Permits may be obtained below.  

Note that recreational beach fires do not require a permit and are regulated through Oregon Parks.   Please keep your beach fires under 2 feet in diameter, away from driftwood logs, and at least 50 feet away from dune grass.  Use only wood or manufactured logs as fuel.  Be sure to attend to the fire at all times, and completely extinguish WITH WATER when complete.  (Do not just cover the fire with sand!)  

If a Red Flag warning is in effect, please refrain from outdoor fires of any kind (recreational fires, charcoal grills, smoking) and restrict use of power equipment.   Continue to check this site regularly.

During fire season, usually June 1 through September 30, check burn restrictions prior to burning.

Burn piles larger than 5 feet in height and 10 feet in diameter require a site inspection and a Provisional Burn Permit. 



Our Values

  • To guide our actions with integrity, courage and personable accountability

  • Treat others with respect

  • Leave things better than we found them

  • Communicate openly and honestly

  • Continually strive for excellence

  • Integrate safety, HEALTH and wellness in EVERYTHING WE DO

  • EVERYONE goes home safe